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Outlook is the professional mail client within the Office suite. The application and suite is developed and sold by Microsoft. The newest version is Outlook 2013.


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How to force Outlook to use encryption using GPO!Comments (0)

This will help you configure a GPO for the outlook clients to force the use of encryption:

First we need to download the administrative templates.
Different templates exists for both Office 2007, Office 2010 and Office 2013.

When you have downloaded the .adm file we need to add the templates to the library by browsing to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates.

Right click on the Administrative Templates and choose Add/Remove Templates, browse to your Office template and add it.

Once added browse to:

User Configuration

|- Policies

   |- Administrative Templates

      |- Microsoft Outlook 2010

         |- Account Settings

            |- Exchange

Configure the following policies:
- Enable Authentication with Exchange Server and choose Kerberos/NTLM Password Authentication
- Enable RPC encryption

Wait for the policy to apply on your workstations or run:
gpupdate /force


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