Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)Comments (0)

Exchange 2003
- Exchange Full Administrator
- Exchange Administrator
- Exchange View Only Administrator

Exchange 2007
- Exchange Organization Administrators
- Exchange Recipient Administrators
- Exchange View-Only Administrators
- Exchange Public Folder Administrators (new in Exchange 2007 SP1)

Exchange 2010
We have RBAC (Role Based Access Control) a more sophisticated way of delegating granular access to specific groups of users.
This means that we can now easily control which users can manage what on whom?

- Management Role – Exchange Security Group that you create. Help Desk Tier 1, Help Desk Tier 2, Admin Tier 1, Admin Tier 2, etc…
- Management Role Entries – What each Management Role has access to. What cmdlets can these Management Roles use?
- Management Role Assignments – What Security Group and/or user is a Management Role assigned to?
- Management Role Scopes – What target of users, OUs, servers, filtered objects, etc. do these management roles have access to adminster?


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